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Plastic Card Combos combine a Key Card and two Key Tags 
for convenience at an affordable price. This design is used 
for four applications: Customer Data Tracking, Customer 
Loyalty and Rewards, Membership, Quick Information Source.
View Key Tag And Key Card Combo Sizes Here
Customer Loyalty / Reward Card
 Bring customers back by providing constant
  brand identity on key rings and in wallets.
 Allows for tracking of data related to purchases
  including types purchases and amounts spent.
Star Cars Auto Mall loyalty card.
Awards Card
 Customer data tracking. Record types and amounts 
  of purchases.
 Increase customer traffic.
 Promote company image.
Metro Liquor loyalty card with barcodes on backs. Designed In-House.
Club Membership Card
 Provides instant identification.
 Reminds card carriers of membership information.  
Greater Dayton African American Chamber of Commerce loyalty card. Designed In-House.
Schedules And Maps
 Provide valuable information such as:
  location, schedule, phone numbers, etc.
Dayton Flyers loyalty card with schedules on backs.
Rules, Sevices And Safety
 Promote Rules and Regulations, Services and Safety Tips
U.S.S. Farragut Card Combo promoting taxi services
Promotional Benefits Include:
 Strong selling image of your organization
  every time an individual picks up their keys to drive.
 Customer service and quick reference.
 Convenience of customer always having 
  a back up with them on their key ring.

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