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Plastic Event Badges and Passes printed full color in a wide 
arrayof sizes. Great for use as passes and promotion pieces 
at award shows, sponsored events, trade shows and more.
Events Passes are slotted for lanyards. Both can be supplied
by ILC! View Event Badge Sizes Here
ILC Badges Make Everybody Famous!
Event Passes
Red Bull and Boston Pops Event Passes
Dayton Air Show and Dollywood Event Passes
Corporate Event Passes
Caterpillar and Verizon Event Passes
Sporting Event Passes
Abilene Christian Sports Pass with Schedule
Concert Passes / Crew Badges
High detail Concert Passes
Award Show Passes
Gretsch Hall of Fame Event Pass
Continuous Event Passes / Schedules
Wright State Basketball passes with team schedules on the backs.
Features Include:
 Front and back lamination for long life.
 Optional slotting, barcoding, numbering 
  and signature stripes.
 Variable data printing allowing for wide variety
  of personalization.
 4 color printing.
 Optional Lanyards.


ILC manufactures larger size and "custom" size event badges.
Dielines are available for download for these badges for the 
creation of artwork. View Special Size Event Badge Sizes Here

Download PDF: Light Bulb
Download PDF: Bell
Large Circle Badges
Circle Badges of Earth, a basketball and a quarter.

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