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High quality plastic Gift Cards at an affordable cost to support 
your marketing efforts. Printed in four colors on one or both sides. 
One-piece construction combines the card and cardholder. 
Customer pops the card out of holder for use. Back of card may 
be barcoded or have a magnetic stripe. Card may be printed in 
different denominations. View Gift Card With Holder Sizes Here
Card And Small Holder
MacTown gift card and card holder. Designed In-House.
Card And Large Holder
T-Mobile gift card and card holder.
Club Gift Cards
Store Gift Cards
Jack's Aquarium & Pets gift card and holder.
Features Include:
 Front and back lamination to protect and highlight
  the cards graphics.
 Availability in 30-mil thickness (same as most credit cards) 
  or 24-mil, 20-mil, or 15-mil.
   Gift Cards (w/o holders) are Credit Card size.
 Optional barcode or magnetic stripe for card activation.
 Optional hologram for additional security.
 One-piece construction reducing packaging cost.
 Quick turn around time.
 Standard and special size cards with holders.
  Standard size - 3.75" x 4" and 4.25" x 7.25"
 Rounded Corners
 Minimum order is 500 cards.
 Minimum changes for denomination is 250 cards.

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